Ep 05: How to Leverage Differences - Amber & Joel

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Most romantic relationships involve two very different personalities, and those contrasts can be a source of significant stress and even the death of the relationship, or they can be the source of a beautiful romance. 

In episode 5 of A Love Portrait, Amber and Joel share how they’ve learned to leverage their differences for the sake of the relationship, all while maintaining a focus on serving the other person. Listen in and be inspired by a couple that - after years together, and despite their differences - are still incredibly in love with each other!  

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Ep 04: Knowing & Being Known - Charity & Andy


Do you crave a deeper, more satisfying connection in your romantic relationship, but struggle with the fear of letting your guard down completely with your partner? 

Listen in to my conversation with Charity and Andy, as they share their journey toward a vulnerability with each other that has not only enabled them to grow as individuals, but to build a more fulfilling relationship with each other as well.

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Show Notes 

Charity's Definition of Love: Unwavering Devotion - Andy is for me, and I’m for him.

Andy's Definition of Love: Pouring out every resource I have, to help Charity flourish spiritually, emotionally, physically, and relationally. A constant giving of myself in order to help her be further along in her journey than when I first started dating her. 

4 Kinds of Attachment Styles: Secure, Avoidant, Anxious, Disorganized

Charity’s Idea of a Happy Relationship: Being known and knowing someone, intimately. In addition, the room to speak truth to each other, and have it received.

Andy’s Idea of a Happy Relationship: When two people really just delight in one another; enjoying each other as people, and striving to get to know each other better.

4 Tips for Knowing Your Partner Deeply: Share Your Complete Story, See a Therapist, Take Advantage of Personality Tests, Participate in Your Partner’s Hobbies


Tony Robbins


The Untethered Soul 

Charity's favorite salad

Ep 03: How to Find Connection in Adversity - Joy & Ben


It happens sooner or later: you run into a rocky season in life, your romantic relationship, or both. And those challenging times can either be an opportunity for connection with your significant other, or a source of debilitating conflict. 

Listen in to my conversation with Joy and Ben as they not only share what drew them to each other in the first place, but the principles that enabled them to actually strengthen their relationship despite overwhelming tragedy in their lives. 

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Show Notes

How Ben and Joy Overcame Adversity and Strengthened Their Relationship:

  1. Have a belief in something bigger than yourselves

  2. Give each other space to grieve as needed

  3. Be there for your partner as they need you to be


Mating in Captivity, Esther Perel

Ep 02: Finding the Right One - Andy & Kate


Have you found yourself in a relationship that’s stifling the real you? Or maybe you’ve managed to get out of the relationship, but you’re unsure how to set aside the leftover bitterness, and really move on? 

Listen in as Andy and Kate share the humorous and inspiring story of how they left behind less-than-ideal relationships, in order to find the right one for them!

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Ep 01: The Significance of Respect - Brad & Jennifer


Career change, difference in childhood, difference in race, and even difference in world view; what is the equalizer in a romantic relationship that enables you to grow closer, despite these potential challenges? 

Listen in to Episode 01 of A Love Portrait, as Brad and Jennifer share the big idea that has enabled a strengthening of their relationship, despite the asymmetry of life! 

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